Important Announcement Regarding Recent cPanel Price Increase


This is a notification to explain an important change in our services offering.

Due to a recent, sudden and quite extreme increase in pricing from our control panel software vendor (cPanel) and after much consideration on our end, we have had no choice but to change our shared hosting account offering accordingly as well as our general service offering.

Why does this affect me?

The following is an example of the cPanel cost increase (Note: This is a hosts cost per dedicated server for a cPanel license) we have incurred:

The previous cPanel license cost per dedicated server:

$45/month per server for unlimited cPanel accounts on a server.

Which allowed us to resell as many cPanel accounts per server we could responsibly add to a server.

The new cPanel licensing cost per dedicated server:

$45/month per server for 100 cPanel accounts + $0.20 per additional cPanel account on the server.

The new cost drastically reduces the amount of cPanel accounts a host can add to a server and remain cost effective. Typically, the more accounts a host could host, the more profitable. That is no longer the case with the new pricing.

What is changing?:

The price of our shared hosting accounts will remain the same, but the Unmetered Disk Space we are currently offering will now be diminished and will be according now to the following:

Premium – 10 GB SSD Space

Business – 20 GB SSD Space

Executive – 30 GB NVMe SSD Space

This change will be effective immediately for new and current accounts.

We realize this change for some may be inappropriate and we sincerely apologize, but at cPanel’s new rates, it would be a death sentence for our company to continue with our services as-is. With the new structure, it ensures we can continue to offer cPanel as our main web hosting control panel and provide the same reliable service to our clients, while still offer very competitive rates.

Additionally, we are currently testing DirectAdmin (another control panel not quite as feature rich as cPanel) as a possible cheaper alternative for resellers. We do not currently have an ETA, but if we do decide to go forward with DirectAdmin as an additional alternative, we will send out a notification once that service option is ready and available.

In closing, we would like to take a moment to sincerely thank our clients for their patience and understanding regarding this change. We would also like to thank those that have stuck with us since the beginning through the good and bad and those that plan to continue to do so.

We know many clients will still have questions or even be confused by this change, so please contact us if you have any questions!

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